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EPA Keeps Changing Granite/Radon FAQs

The federal Environmental Protection Agency, after taking more than a month-and-a-half to revise its initial statement on radon and granite countertops, took less than a week to change it again.

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EPA Releases FAQ Item on Radon/Granite

The following is the text of the original FAQ page on radon and granite countertops that appeared June 6 on the EPA's Website. It's been replaced by the current entry that goes into greater detail with stronger statements in several areas, as well as a bevy of related radon/granite questions.

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EPA Revises Countertop/Radon Info

The federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a lengthened and strengthened consumer statement late on July 25 concerning radon and granite countertops.

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NKBA Tips MIA as Granite/Radon Info Source

The Marble Institute of America (MIA) received support as a “reliable source” on the granite/radon-safety issue from the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) on Aug. 4.

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Radon Controversy Continues

The issue of granite countertops and radon-gas emissions geared up in May, as several reports by U.S. television stations, a new not-for-profit group and a couple of scientific reports fueled the debate.
By month’s end, the public discussion led to a new effort by the Marble Institute of America to combat what it sees as unfair allegations.

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