Hurricane Hits Alpha Professional Tools® (UPDATE Sept. 9)

OAKLAND, N.J. -- Hurricane Irene caused havoc with Alpha Professional Tools®.

T200_alpha_damageClick photo to enlargehe winds and rains of Irene took its toll at Alpha's headquarters, tearing off part of the roof and causing extensive water damage. The company's now back on the grid as far as electricity, phone service and Internet connection, but significant cleanup and repair is need get the company back to full operations.

Earlier this week, the company was able to install a “temporary” roof to protect the building, but continued unsettled weather is dlaying a permanent roof installation until next week at the earliest.

Inside the facility. a company recovery team has made great progress in cleaning the building. Various contractors have already begun repairing damaged offices and work areas.

Insurance auditors completed a review of inventory; standard monthly inbound inventory shipments are being held at local ports until Alpha authorizes delivery after sufficient warehouse repairs. Additional new inventory will be air-freighted to the facility as products become available.

Go here for a slide show detailing the damage and repair/recovery efforts.

Currenty, the company reports that shipping of orders taken before the hurricane will be delayed. New orders can be placed via phone or online, with some delay in delivery.

Alpha's employees are working hard to reopen all of the facility. To receive updates on the company's progress, visit the website at

(Article originally published Sept. 7; updated with additonal information and photo link on Sept. 9.)

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