December 2010

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Marmi Bruno Zanet, Volargne de Dolce, Italy, introduces Nougat, a quartzite with brown pigmentation and grey/okra veins that recall the appearance of its namesake confection of honey, hazelnuts and pistachios. The company also introduces Abstract Brown, a quartzite with a brown background intersected by sand-colored veins and hues which embrace a variety of colors, from red to dark brown.
Contact: Marmi Bruno Zanet, +39-45-6861706

Cosentino North America, Stafford, Texas, introduces the Volcano Texture for a select line of its Silestone® quartz surfaces. The finish offers a contemporary matte look and feel, with a light indentation pattern of the surface. The finish is available at launch in five colors: Nuit Bleu, a new cool smoky charcoal color, along with current Silestone selections of Haiku, White Zeus, Kensho and Gray Expo.
Contact: Cosentino North America, 800-291-1311

Antolini_Amethyst Light Preciousglitter-1EXOTIC STONE
Antolini Luigi & C., Sega di Cavaion, Italy, introduces three offerings in its Precioustone Collection of hand-assembled exotics. Preciousgold includes golden components, while Preciousilver offers silver nuances. Preciousglitter displays a rainbow of nuances, from red to blue to green to cobalt.
Contact: Antolini Luigi & C., +39-045-6836611

Cambria, Eden Prairie, Minn., introduces 21 new colors of quartz surfaces, including three new collections. The five-color Jewel collection incorporates blues, golds and silvers in iridescent and monochromatic looks; Marble, in four colors, offers movement in browns and blues; and the 10-color Cambrian collection is reminiscent of classic stone patterns. The company also offers three new colors in its Desert collection.
Contact: Cambria, 866-226-2742

Stone_pewter_slate-1SLATE ACCENTS
Stone & Pewter Accents, Torrance, Calif., introduces the Lineal Slate tile collections in eight colors, all with honed surfaces and mesh backing for easy installations. The subway-style, brick-pattern mosaics offer options for designs in both interior and exterior environments.
Contact: Stone & Pewter Accents, 310-257-1300


Santa Margherita S.p.a., Volargne, Italy, introduces the Reef® line of quartz surfaces with a textured surface reminiscent of flamed finishes. Available colors are beige, black, brown, grey and white; the surface is offered in 305cm X 140cm.
Contact: Santa Margherita S.p.a., +39 45-6835888

Stonexpress, Kennesaw, Ga., introduces STONESKIN™, a 4mm ultrathin stone-mosaic tile series in standard mesh mounting and self-adhering peel-and-stick backing. The tiles are available in 23 different patterns and colors, all in sheets or 6” X 6” and 12” X 12” sections. The series includes 12 natural-stone rails for liners, plus six listellos for accents.
Contact: Stonexpress, 407-973-8763


Ghines srl, Rimini, Italy, introduces the DAIMON, a portable manual production center for creating sink cutouts, polishing and profiling. The unit includes a 1.6 kW spindle operating at 2,200-9,000 rpm, and moves on its own rail system fastened to a surface by two pairs of special clamps. Its special spindle connection allows the use of profiling tools and cutting blades designed for Ghines portable or CNC machines for drilling, shaping, vertical and inclined cuts, recessing drainers and even cutting back the edges of a hole for specific kinds of sinks requiring surface mount. The unit is available through Alpha Professional Tools®.
Contact: Alpha Professional Tools, 800-648-7229

vertholding010-1SPLASH VACUUM HOLDER
Blick Industries, Laguna Beach, Calif., introduces the Vertical Splash Suction Cup for cutting splash on a bridge saw. The 5.91” X 19.69” vacuum holddown can be used, in multiple units, to split splash from 3cm to 2cm.
Contact: Blick Industries, 949-499-5026


NSI Solutions, Mukilteo, Wash., introduces the Phantom SL3 System™ with quick-change 3” abrasives for flat-edge and top polishing. The twist-and-remove attachment allows for fast changing between six turbo pads with grits from 60 to 3000; the system also includes a 2” cup wheel for making back-bevel cuts with the company’s Seam Phantom®.
Contact: NSI Solutions, 425-297-3162

Achilli s.r.l. Rimini, Italy, introduces the MAC 2500 CNC production center for stone, with a production area of 250cm X 120cm and a 50cm X-axis stroke. The machine includes user-friendly, new-generation W-CAM software, brushless motors on all axes, and automatic tool changing with a 20-tool cassette. Options include a 12.5 HP or 20 HP spindle, 90° or 30° angular gear, lathe (maximum column width of 400mm) and 2D/3D laser scan-tracing system.
Contact: Achilli s.r.l., +39-0541-387066

alpha_groove-1JOINT-SEAM CUTTER
Alpha Professional Tools®, Oakland, N.J., introduces the Alpha Groove Cutter for joint seaming. The patented design ensures grooves will be level to achieve maximum strength at each joint; the cutter works with popular high-speed angle grinders. Three sizes are available: two for cutting 3/4”- or 1 1/4”-thick granite, and one for 3/4” marble. All are for wet cutting only.
Contact: Alpha Professional Tools, 800-648-7229

renegade - VIC-1SAW

VIC International, Knoxville, Tenn.., introduces the Renegade saw, offering 11’4” X 11’4” production and a unique table-locking device allowing very positive cuts at various degrees. The value-priced, U.S.-made unit operates on 220V three-phase or 220V single-phase; a hydraulic tilting table can be purchased separately.  
Contact: VIC International, 800-423-1634


Omni Cubed Inc., Placerville, Calif., offers the Seam Setter VCA for joining and level seams, along with stabilizing backsplashes. Thumb-pump plungers allow no-tool conversion on the job to manual seam setters (without tools) when no AC power is available. (Pumps can also be powered with a 9V battery. The set includes two seam setters, carrying/storage case, vacuum pump, AC adapter, 9V battery adapter, four thumb pump plungers, and four cup covers.
Contact: OmniCubed, 877-311-1976

Proliner_4-12D TEMPLATER
Prodim USA, Kennesaw, Ga., introduces the Proliner® 4, a 2D template measurer from Prodim International NV of Helmond, The Netherlands. The unit offers a 5 meter working area, with accuracy of 1mm; it can be connected directly with most CAD systems for use with any CNC production center. Optional accessories include a tripod, backpack and flight case for transport.
Contact: Prodim USA, 888-229-3328

Bonstone_scratch-1SCRATCH REPAIR
Bonstone Materials Corp., Mukwonago, Wis., introduces its Scratch Repair Kit for polished countertops and floors. The kit takes on chips, cracks and surface scratches with fast-setting materials, including CA Glue Super Thin, CA Glue Gel, CA Spray Activator, Marble Polish, Hydro Seal 300 and black, gray and white powdered tints.
Contact: Bonstone Materials Corp., 800-425-2214

Akemi GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany, introduces MS76 Rodding Bond for adhering metal and plastic reinforcement of countertops. The cartridge-loaded solution is suitable for unloaded groove bonding up to a temperature of 100° C, with a short hardening time of 20-40 minutes. The North American representative is InnoChem LLC of Doraville, Ga.
Contact: InnoChem LLC, 800-316-3857

Tenax S.p.A., Volargne, Italy, offers environmentally responsible products through its ThinkGreen project. The program includes water-based enhancers, water/oil repellant treatments and waxes; reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in products; and renewable-source components, such as natural extracts, in the production of mastics, epoxy resins, hardeners and abrasives. The North American office is Tenax U.S.A. in Charlotte, N.C.
Contact: Tenax U.S.A., 704-583-1173


USG Robotics, Crystal Lake, Ill., offers Virtual Inventory Management (VIM) software for inventory control of surfaces. The online photographic database uses photographs, calibrated for size, of materials; the materials are also given unique ID numbers and barcode labels for physical identification. The software can be attached to a company’s existing website for customer browsing.
Contact: USG Robotics, 800-999-3025


C.H. Briggs Co., Reading, Pa., introduces The Big Green Book™, a full-line catalog featuring 600 pages of products and services in hardware, board and surfacing materials. Representing more than 100 leading manufacturers of specialty building materials, the book includes 4,000 more products from leading vendors, more technical specifications, more eco-friendly products, and fast-and-easy navigation.
Contact: C.H. Briggs Co., 800-355-1000

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