December 2010

Proliner_4-12D TEMPLATER
Prodim USA, Kennesaw, Ga., introduces the Proliner® 4, a 2D template measurer from Prodim International NV of Helmond, The Netherlands. The unit offers a 5 meter working area, with accuracy of 1mm; it can be connected directly with most CAD systems for use with any CNC production center. Optional accessories include a tripod, backpack and flight case for transport.
Contact: Prodim USA, 888-229-3328

Bonstone_scratch-1SCRATCH REPAIR
Bonstone Materials Corp., Mukwonago, Wis., introduces its Scratch Repair Kit for polished countertops and floors. The kit takes on chips, cracks and surface scratches with fast-setting materials, including CA Glue Super Thin, CA Glue Gel, CA Spray Activator, Marble Polish, Hydro Seal 300 and black, gray and white powdered tints.
Contact: Bonstone Materials Corp., 800-425-2214

Akemi GmbH, Nuremberg, Germany, introduces MS76 Rodding Bond for adhering metal and plastic reinforcement of countertops. The cartridge-loaded solution is suitable for unloaded groove bonding up to a temperature of 100° C, with a short hardening time of 20-40 minutes. The North American representative is InnoChem LLC of Doraville, Ga.
Contact: InnoChem LLC, 800-316-3857

Tenax S.p.A., Volargne, Italy, offers environmentally responsible products through its ThinkGreen project. The program includes water-based enhancers, water/oil repellant treatments and waxes; reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions in products; and renewable-source components, such as natural extracts, in the production of mastics, epoxy resins, hardeners and abrasives. The North American office is Tenax U.S.A. in Charlotte, N.C.
Contact: Tenax U.S.A., 704-583-1173


USG Robotics, Crystal Lake, Ill., offers Virtual Inventory Management (VIM) software for inventory control of surfaces. The online photographic database uses photographs, calibrated for size, of materials; the materials are also given unique ID numbers and barcode labels for physical identification. The software can be attached to a company’s existing website for customer browsing.
Contact: USG Robotics, 800-999-3025


C.H. Briggs Co., Reading, Pa., introduces The Big Green Book™, a full-line catalog featuring 600 pages of products and services in hardware, board and surfacing materials. Representing more than 100 leading manufacturers of specialty building materials, the book includes 4,000 more products from leading vendors, more technical specifications, more eco-friendly products, and fast-and-easy navigation.
Contact: C.H. Briggs Co., 800-355-1000

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