December 2010

NSI Solutions, Mukilteo, Wash., introduces the Phantom SL3 System™ with quick-change 3” abrasives for flat-edge and top polishing. The twist-and-remove attachment allows for fast changing between six turbo pads with grits from 60 to 3000; the system also includes a 2” cup wheel for making back-bevel cuts with the company’s Seam Phantom®.
Contact: NSI Solutions, 425-297-3162

Achilli s.r.l. Rimini, Italy, introduces the MAC 2500 CNC production center for stone, with a production area of 250cm X 120cm and a 50cm X-axis stroke. The machine includes user-friendly, new-generation W-CAM software, brushless motors on all axes, and automatic tool changing with a 20-tool cassette. Options include a 12.5 HP or 20 HP spindle, 90° or 30° angular gear, lathe (maximum column width of 400mm) and 2D/3D laser scan-tracing system.
Contact: Achilli s.r.l., +39-0541-387066

alpha_groove-1JOINT-SEAM CUTTER
Alpha Professional Tools®, Oakland, N.J., introduces the Alpha Groove Cutter for joint seaming. The patented design ensures grooves will be level to achieve maximum strength at each joint; the cutter works with popular high-speed angle grinders. Three sizes are available: two for cutting 3/4”- or 1 1/4”-thick granite, and one for 3/4” marble. All are for wet cutting only.
Contact: Alpha Professional Tools, 800-648-7229

renegade - VIC-1SAW

VIC International, Knoxville, Tenn.., introduces the Renegade saw, offering 11’4” X 11’4” production and a unique table-locking device allowing very positive cuts at various degrees. The value-priced, U.S.-made unit operates on 220V three-phase or 220V single-phase; a hydraulic tilting table can be purchased separately.  
Contact: VIC International, 800-423-1634


Omni Cubed Inc., Placerville, Calif., offers the Seam Setter VCA for joining and level seams, along with stabilizing backsplashes. Thumb-pump plungers allow no-tool conversion on the job to manual seam setters (without tools) when no AC power is available. (Pumps can also be powered with a 9V battery. The set includes two seam setters, carrying/storage case, vacuum pump, AC adapter, 9V battery adapter, four thumb pump plungers, and four cup covers.
Contact: OmniCubed, 877-311-1976