November 2010

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200__STONEWOODMarmi Bruno Zanet, Volargne de Dolce, Italy, introduces Stonewood-Palomino, a superexotic with brown/gold/sand chromatic lines with a dominant cream or smoky cream dilution. The company also introduces Mother Pearl, a refined quartzite with a clear luminous-like base and ochre stripes.
Contact: Marmi Bruno Zanet, +39-45-6861706

200__daltile one alpine shadowDaltile, Dallas, relaunches its ONE™ Quartz line of slabs and tiles with 24 new colors and two new collections: Micro Flecks with fine-grain detail, and Geo Flecks reflecting granite and limestone graining. All of the line’s 30 colors are available in 120” X 55” slabs with a polished finish; Collected Shells, Harvest Grains, Charcoal Sketch, Woven Wool, Star Gazer and Cancun Beach are in stock in 12” X 12” polished tiles, with all colors available on custom order in various tile sizes up to 24” X 24” and finishes of semi-polished, honed, leather and sandblasted.
Contact: Daltile, 800-933-8453

Technistone s.a., Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic, introduces Technistone® Exterior, a quartz surface designed for cladding outdoor surfaces and other areas subject to rain, moisture and UV-ray exposure. The non-porous material, available in 17 colors, includes protection from UV breakdown and other effects of weather. The standard-size slab is 51” X 118”, with smaller panels available as stock items; larger formats may be available as custom production.
Contact: Technistone s.a., +42-0495-714-725

200__HanStone_Emerald_IsleHanwha L&C Surfaces, Atlanta, adds three new colors to its HanStone Quartz lines. Emerald Isle features a deep, dark surface embedded with flecks of emerald green and gold tones, while Antique Sable offers hints of copper and gray. Bianco Canvas is set in a soft multi-toned white. All are manufactured in North America, using the most-advanced technology from Breton S.p.A.
Contact: Hanwha L&C Surfaces, 888-426-9421






200__milesone with gates removedJet Edge Inc., St. Michael, Minn. introduces the Milestone 5-axes precision waterjet capable of cutting virtually any material, and available in three table sizes (5.5’ X 6.5’,  5.5’ X 13’ and 6.5’ X 13’). The series features the IKC 5 Axis waterjet cutting head, capable of making inclined cuts and controlling kerf to ensure optimal part quality with   600º rotation, a maximum angle of +/- 60º, and dynamic precision from +/-0.2 to +/-0.5 mm/m. The machines are equipped with programmable contact-height sensing and come standard with one 5-axis cutting head; a second 5-axes or 3-axes cutting head can be added. The machines can support material up to 2,200 lbs/10.8 lbs ft².
Contact: Jet Edge Inc., 800-538-3343

200__Hydro_ACT_pic5GranQuartz, Tucker, Ga., introduces Diarex® HydroQuad™ Adapters, a patent-pending solution for eliminating dust in the workplace. The unit, which can be fitted to any popular center-water-feed grinder/polisher and turbo blade, directs water towards the work, flushing out the cut for cleaner, faster lines with less mess.  The unit’s washer fits existing standard quad adapters.
Contact: GranQuartz, 800-458-6222

200__TWISTER Pos1Diatex S.p.A., Villaveria, Italy, introduces the Twister lines of high-speed CNC profiling wheels for granite and quartz surfaces. The metallic-bond wheels, available in Positions 1 through 4, can operate at 5,400-6,000 rpm through granite in Positions 1-3 at feeds of 1,500mm-4,000mm per minute, depending on the tool size.
Contact: Diatex S.p.A., +39-445-350388



200__690311GranQuartz, Tucker, Ga., introduces Diarex® Legend™ Router Bits, a premium line of long-life, U.S.-made router tooling. The line, exclusive to GranQuartz, is fast, very clean and operates without bounce, chatter or vibration.
Contact: GranQuartz, 800-458-6222




200__AirboxCenterKaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, Va., introduces the Airbox series of oil-free air compressors. Units are available as fully enclosed standalone compressors, or as Airbox Centers including the compressor, tank, dryer, filters and drain in single packages. The series is available from 4-12 hp, and delivers up to 36.9 cfm at 100 pisg.
Contact: Kaeser Compressors Inc., 800-777-7873


200__Stealth Seamer PR-01Omni Cubed Inc., .Placerville, Calif., introduces the Stealth Seamer™ for joining and leveling seams. Joints easily open and close with a smooth-turning knurled roller, and the working area is open and accessible with the units in place; removal isn’t needed in order to apply epoxy or scrape the seam.  Four leveling components per seam setter allow fine-tune adjustment on both sides of the seam; the setter can be used alone or in pairs.
Contact: OmniCubed, 877-311-1976


BLANCO America, Lumberton, N.J., introduces the LEVOS™ pullout faucet. Offered in polished-chrome or stainless-steel finish, the unit features a 2.2 GPM flow rate and a stainless-steel construction body.  It provides a harmonious look with the company’s STEELART line of sinks, and includes a limited lifetime warranty.
Contact: Blanco America, 609-829-2720

200__IRON RED_StonexperienceMarmi Bruno Zanet, Volargne de Dolce, Italy, offers Stonexperience 3.0, the new version of 3D presentation software developed with Brazilian designer Ludson M. Zampirolli. The latest version features a faster and more-intuitive graphic interface, new environments, new materials and applications, and 360° virtual-reality navigation. The software interfaces with Stone Beauty, the company’s new multimedia catalog of materials.
Contact: Marmi Bruno Zanet, +39-45-6861706


Cold Spring Granite Co., Cold Spring, Minn., introduces a new online library of Building Information Modeling (BIM) families. Available in Revit 2010 format on the company’s website, the collection details products such as stone wall facings, anchors, thresholds, floors, coping and sills for 20 BIM families. Data is available in 3D versions for modeling and 2D for drawings.
Contact: Cold Spring Granite, 800-328-5040

200__LATICRETE iPhoneLATICRETE International Inc., Bethany, Conn., introduces the LATICRETE Product Information App for the iPhone®, iPad™ and iPod touch® devices. Free to download and use, the reference tool kit offers LATICRETE® product information, quick grout coverage estimates, installationS guidelines and other direct links for the company’s offerings.
Contact: LATICRETE, 800-248-4788



200__USCLEANAIR_Clean Air Trtmt Broch_122009Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, Va., offers a completely updated clean-air-treatment catalog on ISO quality classes, air-treatment configurations and various products. The 10-page brochure details Kaeser’s array of refrigerated, desiccant and membrane dryers, as well as filtration products, automatic drain traps and condensate management systems.
Contact: Kaeser Compressors Inc., 800-777-7873



Scientific Dust Collectors, Alsip, Ill., offers a new technical paper describing the advantages of proper design for reverse pulse-jet baghouses used in dust-collection applications. The paper explains the advantages of using wide bag spacing in a baghouse, and discusses the disadvantages of using high-velocity jets in close bag-spacing applications.  
Contact: Scientific Dust Collectors, 708-597-7090

200__CHBriggs_BigGreenBookC.H. Briggs Co., Reading, Pa., introduces The Big Green Book™, a full-line catalog featuring 600 pages of products and services in hardware, board and surfacing materials. Representing more than 100 leading manufacturers of specialty building materials, the book includes 4,000 more products from leading vendors, more technical specifications, more eco-friendly products, and fast-and-easy navigation.
Contact: C.H. Briggs Co., 800-355-1000




200__LATICRETE ArchBinder ImageLATICRETE International Inc., Bethany, Conn., offers LATICRETE® Electronic Architectural Binder online under the Architects section at The web-based publication offers a comprehensive, one-stop resource tool for designers and specification professionals for LATICRETE product systems, LEED® information, GREENGUARD® certificates, architectural details, installation guidelines, design manuals and warranty programs. In addition, the LATICRETE LEED Project Certification Assistant can be accessed for key product information and contribution details, providing printable LEED documents for submittals.
Contact: LATICRETE, 800-248-4788

200__Jet Edge Precision Pumps Brochure CoverJet Edge Inc., St. Michael, Minn., offers a new brochure highlighting its precision waterjet intensifier pumps. The publication covers the equipment, available in a wide range of sizes from 30 HP to 200 HP and capable of producing pressures up to 90,000psi and flow rates of 0.65-4 gpm for water jet cutting and surface preparation applications. The pumps also feature CE/TUV design-approved attenuators which smooth pressure fluctuations and deliver a constant and steady stream of ultra-high-pressure water to the cutting tool
Contact: Jet Edge Inc., 800-538-3343

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