October 2010

152_GranQuartz Exential_renamed_26039VACUUM LIFTERS
GranQuartz, Tucker, Ga., introduces the Manzelli Exential® vacuum economy lifter line from Liftstyle s.r.l. Redesigning and replacing many aluminum and stainless-steel components with galvanized steel, Exential is a lower-cost vacuum lifter for fabricators focused on their bottom line. The lifters include audible and visual low-vacuum alarms and an easy-to-read color scale vacuum gauge as standard equipment.
Contact: GranQuartz, 800-458-6222

152_Makita_GA4534_Grinder_renamed_22151ANGLE GRINDER
Makita, La Mirada, Calif., introduces the GA4534  4 1/2" Paddle Switch Angle Grinder, including a Makita-built 6 AMP motor producing a no-load 11,000rpm. The unit features non-protruding brush holders and an motor housing that reduce barrel diameter to only 2-3/16". The 4.2-lbs tool also includes an ergonomic grip and a side-handle position at an increased 20° angle for added comfort and control.
Contact: Makita, 800-462-5482

152_Equidist Diamond Blade_med res_renamed_27125PORTABLE-SAW BLADE
Hilti Inc., Tulsa, Okla., introduces Equidist diamond blades for general purpose use with its portable gas saws, with the ability to handle hard surfaces such as natural stone, concrete and masonry applications. Available in 12”, 14” and 16” diameters, the blades typically outperform standard impregnated segments with as much as 50-percent-faster cutting speed; air-cooling vents reduce blade wobble.
Contact: Hilti Inc., 800-879-8000

152_10237 AEGIS iPRO_renamed_6575MOTOR GROUNDING RING
Electro Static Technology, Mechanic Falls, Maine, offers the AEGIS™ iPRO Bearing Protection Ring to extend the life of medium-voltage motors and safely channel electrical currents away from bearings to ground.  It’s available in a range of sizes to accommodate generator/motor shafts up to 30” in diameter;  the iPRO split-ring comes in mating halves to facilitate field retrofits. Common sizes (motor shafts between 2.5” and 12” in diameter) are typically shipped within five days.
Contact: Electro Static Technologies, 866-738-1857