September 2010

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160_IKC 5 axis waterjet_renamed_5862Jet Edge Inc., St. Michael, Minn., now offers 5-axes waterjet cutting technology with Intelligent Kerf Compensation (IKC).  Available on select Jet Edge systems, the IKC 5 Axes waterjet cutting head is capable of making inclined cuts and controlling kerf to ensure optimal part quality.  The IKC’s capabilities include 600º rotations, a maximum angle of +/- 60º and dynamic precision from +/-0.2 to +/-0.5 mm/m, depending on the tilt of head.
Contact: Jet Edge Inc., 800-538-3343

160_KawaiiPolishingKitpictureApplied Diamond Tools/, Chesterfield, Mo., presents the Kawaii Wet Edge Polishing Package designed specifically for fabricators, contractors and DIY homeowners. This package is ideal for polishing granite, marble and concrete countertops; it includes the Kawaii polisher, diamond polishing pads, backholder, free water proof apron, and free instructional DVD.
Contact: Applied Diamond Tools, 800-980-7808

160_KCA_Family_renamed_4763Kaeser Compressors Inc., Fredericksburg, Va., offer a line of Kaeser Cooling Air (KCA) dryers, providing cold, dry compressed air for industrial processes. At capacities of 10cfm-330cfm, the non-cycling refrigerated units provide outlet air temperature of 40°F in normal operation. Smaller models include a float-type drain and larger models include a capacitance-sensor operated Kaeser Eco-Drain.
Contact: Kaeser Compressors Inc., 800-777-7873

160_Scorpion_groupBraxton-Bragg LLC, Knoxville, Tenn., offers the Scorpion™ Turbo-type Cup Wheel for removing material at any pace, with no bounce or chatter that can cause chipping. The tools are available in three grits: coarse for heavy, aggressive stock removal; medium for final shaping; and fine grit for soft material or for getting close to layout lines. Recommended speed for use is 10,000rpm; all are available in 4” diameters with a 5/8”/11 thread.
Contact: Braxton-Bragg LLC, 800-575-4401