MAPEI Green w/Canada Plant

DELTA, British ColumbiaMAPEI recently completed construction here on an additional 44,000 ft² of warehouse, shipping and office space at this western Canadian location.

The addition, which also includes a quality-control laboratory, brings the total footprint of the plant to 78,779 ft2.

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“We have responded to the growth of two areas of our business in western Canada – the flooring installation sector and the concrete-restoration sector,” said Luigi Di Geso, President and CEO of MAPEI Americas president/CEO. “We view this expansion as an opportunity to support and grow our relationships with construction partners in this area of the country.”

The Delta plant will continue to manufacture powdered mortars, powdered grouts and related surface-preparation products, as well as expand production of concrete-repair mortars, self-leveling underlayments/toppings and other concrete-restoration products. The plant currently produces 1.2 million pounds (544,311 kg) of powdered products per week.

“MAPEI is celebrating the grand opening of the Delta expansion for another outstanding reason, too,” Di Geso said. “This new building is a candidate for LEED® certification by the Canadian Green Building Council.

"We worked with our architect, Raffaele Greco of Greco Design & Construction, and with Bjorn Richt of Recollective Consulting, a local LEED consultant, to design the facility with environmental characteristics always at the forefront of our plans.”  

The plant was able to reduce use of potable water for irrigation by 100% by using captured rainwater. MAPEI also reduced its material costs for the construction project by 30 percent through the use of recycled materials such as fly ash in concrete,recycled structural steel and rebar.

“At MAPEI, we think it is important to be a good environmental citizen as well as a strong contributor to our community’s economy,” Di Geso added.

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