June 2010

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Ann Sacks®, Portland, Ore., presents Ravello, an Indian marble with a purple base and contrasting accents of soft pink and white. The stone, with a uniform honed finish, is offered in two cuts: Fiorito (fleuri) and Venato (vein). The material is available in 18” X 18” X 3/4” tiles and 30” X 72” X 3/4” mini-slabs.
Contact: Ann Sacks, 800-278-8453



Luck_carmel.heights.honed.smallSTONE COLLECTION
Charles Luck Stone Center, Richmond, Va., introduce the Interior Surfaces Collection, catering to style-minded homeowners and design professionals turning to natural stone accents with intricate and luxurious finishes for their interior projects. The exclusive collection of products include field tile, mosaics, trim planking and wall veneer, all of which align Charles Luck’s interpretation of the current “whiteness” and “artisan” design trends.
Contact: Charles Luck Stone Center, 703-6745646

Ann Sacks®, Portland, Ore., presents Serpentine, a line of mosaic tiles pairing its namesake stone with German Silver, a copper/zinc/nickel alloy. As accents, the mosaics offer a semi-realistic design contrast that’s effective for walls, fireplace surrounds and backsplashes. Styles include Bricks, Chain, Curves, Harlequin, Knuckle and Leaf; available in 6” X 12” border and 12” X 12” field sizes.
Contact: Ann Sacks, 800-278-8453

Marshalls plc, Elland, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, offers Fairstone®, a line of architectural-stone products from India involving ethical sourcing. As part of the Ethical Training Initiative, the range of products is produced with no child labor, proper health/safety practices and the payment of living wages to Indian workers. The calibrated, hand-selected stone is available in three finishes for pavers, walling, and tread-riser step kits.
Contact: Marshalls plc, +44-1422-312343

600_NISAjade_renamed_6864CRYSTALLIZED PANEL
Shine Import Export Inc., Chicago, offers NISA Jade Stone, a crystallized quartz/jade/pigment/kaolin panel available in 59” X 118” slabs in thicknesses of 3cm, 1.8cm and 1.2cm. Available in four colors (white, black, dark brown and light brown) and three finishes (polished, honed and leathered), the material contains high flexural strength and can be worked with stone-fabrication tools.
Contact: NISA Jade Stone, 630-306-7210



Alpha_ceramicaDRY POLISH PAD
Alpha Professional Tools®, Oakland, N.J., introduces a dry version of its Ceramica Resin polishing pad. Utilizing a new process to make the diamond layer thicker, the pad creates better-quality results and a longer life than typical dry resin units. The pad can be used with all natural stones, with hook-and-loop backing for Alpha® Backer Pads. The line is available in 4” and 5” diameters and grits of 60, 200, 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000.
Contact: Alpha Professional Tools®, 800-648-7229

stone cyclerSTONE DIE CUTTER
GranQuartz, Tucker, Ga., introduces the Diarex® Stone Cycler FSP-25, the latest model of the die-cutter for excess materials from standard stone fabrication. The machine trims small remnants and waste granite, marble and other hard surfaces into pieces for use as pavers or custom tiles. Available die shapes include diamond, hexagon, scallop, brick, wave, flagstone and river rock, in sizes ranging from 6” accents to 8” X 8” squares. Custom dies can be provided.
Contact: GranQuartz, 800-458-6222

Miles_excellence_renamed_17792CNC TOOLING
Miles Supply, Barre, Vt., introduces Excellence CNC tooling from APG. The unique design and Diamlox polishing technology allows fabricators to achieve a superior result in the fewest steps possible.  Engineered stone is complete in 4-5 steps; granite is complete in 5-6 steps.
Contact:  Miles Supply 800-396-8049

Omni Cubed Inc., Placerville, Calif., offers the 2010 model of the Backsplash Polishing Workstation, which utilizes Sink Hole Savers to strengthen, protect, and securely hold backsplash pieces at any desired height and polishing angle (0° to 90° of adjustment).  The capacity of the workstation (now offered at a lower cost) is easily expanded by mounting additional Sink Hole Savers.
Contact: Omni Cubed, 877-311-1976

Braxton-Bragg, Knoxville, Tenn., introduces the Tomahawk Stone Splitter for reshaping excess material from countertop fabrication for a variety of uses. The machine, with a capacity of up to 75 ft² per hour, uses blades instead of dies for cutting stone; a basic straight blade, and a serpentine blade for producing a chiseled edge. More than 100 different shapes, sizes and finishes can be produced in combination with a stone tumbler or vibrator; the unit will help recycle and resell excess stone cut from slabs during fabrication, which is estimated as high as 30 percent of uncut slab square footage.
Contact: Braxton-Bragg LLC, 800-575-4401

Diamant Venturi PR sandit_group_labels copy_renamed_4659BACKER PADS
Diamant Venturi, Deerfield Beach, Fla., offers SANDIT™ Back-Up Pads, utilizing advanced engineered polyurethane for optimal performance and longevity on a wide range of sanding, grinding & polishing applications. Available in 5” and 6” diameters, the pad’s dense foam composition delivers both firm-and-flexible utility and control on natural stone applications to follow the contours of each material edge. The line is available in backers of (l-r, in photo) hook-and loop for matching abrasives and polishing pads; vinyl for PSA abrasives; and cloth for paper-backed abrasives.
Contact: Diamant Venturi, 800-211-0592

Alpha Professional Tools®, Oakland, N.J., introduces Alpha® Ecoguard Dust-Collection Cover Type G for the company’s HSG-125 and most popular high-speed angle grinders. The latest in the company’s series of ruggedly constructed dust-collection systems for hand-held tools, the suspended cover prevents dust from escaping. A removable front cover allows grinding to the edges; the shield can be used with grinding cup wheels up to 5” in  diameter.
Contact: Alpha Professional Tools®, 800-648-7229

metabo w211_renamed_4545ANGLE GRINDER
Metabo Corp., West Chester, Pa., introducs the W11-125 Quick Compact Class Angle Grinder, featuring a 9.6A motor providing 26.9 inch-lbs of torque and 10,000rpm. The unit includes the company’s quick-change system for its 5”-diameter tools, along with the Vibratech vibration-reducing, dual-position side handle and S-Automatic safety slip clutch.
Contact: Metabo Corp., 800-638-2264


112956_renamed_20172ECONOMY ADHESIVE
GranQuartz, Tucker, Ga., introduces Recon polyester adhesive. Available exclusively from GranQuartz, the product is an economical adhesive that’s fast-setting, consistent and easy-to-use. The adhesive is offered in economy-sized five-gallon drums in knife-grade and flowing consistencies.
Contact: GranQuartz, 800-458-6222

Omni Cubed Inc., Placerville, Calif., offers the new Accessory Handle Kit for the Aqua-Jaw™ Carry Vise™ for adding two more handles to each vise. Four installers are able to safely carry heavier tops (two installers on each side of the top), with all having their own pair of handles for easier lifting; even distribution of the countertop load reduces worker strain.
Contact: Omni Cubed, 877-311-1976

GCT-MonsterSlings_renamed_5252STONE SLINGS
Granite City Tool Co., Waite Park, Minn., offers Monster Edge Slings in 3” width with a patented, high-performance bi-component edging offerings superior resistance to cuts and abrasions, with a 9,600-lbs vertical-lift capacity. The webbing is also treated with resins to provide extra gripping power and to help prevent slipping.
Contact: Granite City Tool Co.,  800-328-7094

Samich USA, Aurora, Colo., offers the Legend CounterTop, a planetary polisher line  for grinding and polishing counters, stairs, comes, narrow areas and other small surfaces. The standard model, powered by a single-phase 600W motor, operates at 1,000rpm for its contra-rotating 5 1/2” discs; with a production-area (working) width of 13”, it weighs 37.5 lbs. The variable-speed model allows tool rotation from 400rpm to 1,500rpm. Both models include a splashguard; brushes are available for antique finishing.
Contact: Samich USA, 303-547-4569

Granite City Tool Co., Waite Park, Minn., offers RIVAL Cement Residue and Rust Remover, a special acidic cleaner ideally suited for removing all inorganic dirt deposits, such as cement and mortar residues, lime scale, water marks, rust and rust discoloration. The solution is suitable for acid-resistant stone only.
Contact: Granite City Tool Co., 800-328-7094


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