May 2010

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600_neocant-1LIMESTONE PANEL
Neocantera Board S.A. de C.V., Mexico City introduces Light Stone Wall Neocantera, a natural limestone-faced product offered in 4” X 8” X 5/8”, 100-lbs panels in three colors (piñon, black and pink). The non-flammable panels offers superior acoustic insulation, and can be fixed to a variety of surfaces using common construction tools and screws/adhesives.
Contact: Neocantera, +52-15-55-6876060

Stone & Pewter Accents, Torrance, Calif., introduces Lineal Slate, with varying sizes and colors of honed slate on a mesh-mounted, 15-inch repeating pattern. The collection is available in eight colors - Barley, Black Gold, Earth, Green Gold, Polar White, Prairie, Moss Green and White Gold - and accents in both rustic and contemporary designs.
Contact: Stone & Pewter Accents, 310-257-1300


Park Industries, St. Cloud, Minn., introduces a miter-cutting version of its popular FUSION CNC saw/waterjet automated slab cutting. The new feature produces stone and quartz countertop parts requiring a mitered edge for commercial work or thick lamination; the programmable mitering allows cutting at any angle, and changing of the angle between 0° (vertical) and 47°.  
Contact: Park Industries, 800-328-2309

alpha twincur-1POLISHING SYSTEM
Alpha Professional Tools®, Oakland, N.J., introduces the Alpha® Twincur GEM polishing system for use on all types of stones. Available on 5”-diameter disks with a snail lock adapter (SFAT) to fit on most popular edge-polishing machines, the resin-bonded system is available in grits of 100 (blue), 200 (yellow), 500 (red), 1000 (dark green), 2000 (light green) and 3000 (brown).
Contact: Alpha Professional Tools®, 800-648-7229

Paser4 hi def-1NEW WATERJET HEAD
Flow International Corp., Kent, Wash., launches the Paser® 4 Ultra Component Life (UCL) abrasive waterjet cutting head, including a low-profile water on/off valve. Orifice life is increased three to five times, while abrasive consumption is reduced. Offered as an upgrade on most waterjet machines, the Paser 4 is available with a variety of orifice and mixing-tube combinations to match today’s popular applications.  
Contact: Flow International Corp., 253-850-3500

Robert Bosch Tool Corp., Mt. Pleasant, Ill., introduces ROTOZIP XCORES™ high-speed diamond hole saws, certified for 33,000rpm with vacuum-brazed diamond placements. The bits for the ROTOZIP spiral saws can cut granite and other stone countertops to a depth of 1 1/4”, and are available in diamters of 3/4”, 1” and 1 3/8”.
Contact: ROTOZIP, 877-768-6947

GCT-ImpactEtchingMachine-1PORTABLE ETCHER
Granite City Tool Co., Waite Park, Minn., offers The Granite™ Diamond Impact Etching Machine, with an etching head driven by a high-precision, German-manufactured 3-D linear drive motor. A laser gap sensor automatically maintains optimal distance between the diamond tip and the stone, so the surface need not be perfectly level to get excellent results. The device is available in three production areas: GRANITE-CP™ Compact, designed to be put on the top of the stone, 15.5” X 23.5”; GRANITE-SR™ Stationary, 25” X 30”; and GRANITE-SX™ Stationary, 25” x 49”.
Contact: Granite City Tool Co.,  800-328-7094

GranQuartz, Tucker, Ga., introduces the Diarex Assassin® Metal Hybrid polishing pads, with a special copper bond encapsulated in resin. The long-life, 4”-diameter pads can be used in combination with other resin pads to extend the life of the polishing system; they’re available in grits of 30, 50, 100 and 200.
Contact: GranQuartz, 800-458-6222

Anver Corp., Hudson, Mass., introduces the Dual Circuit Vacuum Lifter, incorporating two vacuum systems in one for handling high-value loads.  The lifter features all-welded steel construction and is powered by two independent vacuum system circuits. Custom built in capacities up to 60,000 lbs, it also features hand-replaceable quick-change ring vacuum sealing cups; powered by either compressed-air or electric vacuum pumps, it also can be fitted with electric or hydraulic-actuated powered tilting systems.
Contact: Anver Corp., 800-654-3500

TBW Industries Inc., Furlong, Pa., introduces a new line of Rock-Eater wheels for the marble and granite industry.  The units are lightweight (half the weight of conventional diamond wheels) and are super-fast cutting, due to their unique design.
Contact: TBW Industries, 215-794-8070

GCT-SuperCycloneFinger-1FINGER BIT
Granite City Tool Co., Waite Park, Minn., offers a Cyclone High Speed Finger Bit with a smaller 7/8” diameter and six segments. The 40mm-long diamond  can cut 10~15/min at up to 4,200rpm for hard stone, 4,800rpm for medium stone and 5,500rpm for soft stone. The bit includes a 1/2 gas connection with center waterfeed.
Contact: Granite City Tool Co.,  800-328-7094


Omni Cubed Inc., Placerville, Calif., introduces the Aqua-Jaw™ Carry Vise™  that won’t slip off wet countertops. The unit is also useable on stairs and other slanted install terrains; it won’t slip at any angle. Dual quick-spin tightening handles secure any piece, allowing two to four installers to safely lift and carry countertops up to 2.7” thick with an 800 lbs capacity per pair.
Contact: Omni Cubed, 877-311-1976

Daltile, Dallas, introduces the PROADVANCED protection program for treating the company’s natural-stone slabs for stain and bacterial-growth protection. Fabricators use a DuPont-developed water-based penetrating sealer with Microban® antimicrobial protection. Daltile then offers a 15-year, fully transferrable residential warranty or eight-year commercial/industrial warranty; if a stain can’t be removed from a treated stone, Daltile will replace it (including installation).
Contact: Daltile, 800-933-8453

Braxton-Bragg LLC, Knoxville, Tenn., offers the new Lavina Pro line for concrete polishing from Superabrasive, including the Lavina 7 Pro, a brand new corner machine. The Lavina machines are offered in 1-, 3- and 6-head configurations with planetary motion, allowing the tools to spin either clockwise or counterclockwise; all except the corner edger can be used for wet or dry applications. The machines also feature a 5mm/1/5” distance between tools and edges of the working surface, keeping operations from having to do edges by hand or with an additional machine.
Contact: Braxton-Bragg LLC, 800-575-4401

SL-Laser, Charlotte, N.C., introduces the ProCollector LT, a 2D laser measuring device for automatic drawing of templates and scribing. The unit can be used in a manual “Point & Shoot” mode for simple collection of measurement points, and in a “Hands-Free” setting with a hand-held controller for accurate point placement and autoscanning a surface at a preset level to scribe a backsplash or sheetrock wall. Finished drawings are st6red in a DXF file for use with any CAD software.
Contact: SL-Laser, 704-561-9990


Moraware, Reno, Nev., introduces Version 3.1 of its scheduling/business/inventory software for countertop production. Among the changes are easier ways to coordinate sales and job management; the Myself shortcut for self-assignment of activities and sales; a new procedure for auto-scheduling; new security settings; and Process, for tracking leads, calls, in-home estimates and other activities prior to making a sale.
Contact: Moraware, 866-312-9273

ScandInvent Inc., Liberty, N.C., introduces ScandSOFT™ Business, a Windows-based software for tracking jobs from estimates to production. The program allows for initial estimates with layouts using slab images; job ticketing and production planning; inventory control using digital imaging of available stock; scheduling of deliveries/installations; and customer invoices. The program can be ordered as an option with ScandInvent equipment, or used as a stand-alone package with any shop-equipment setup.
Contact: ScandInvent Inc., 800-417-0640

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