December 2009


Marmi Bruno Zanet, Volargne de Dolce, Italy, introduces Giallo SF Real, a granite from Espirito Santo with a yellow background pigmentation for interior and exterior use, and the ability to retain yellow hues after flame-finishing. The company also offers Giallo Ornamentale, with a photographic-like combination of colors and effects.
Contact: Marmi Bruno Zanet, +39-45-6861706


CaesarStone® US, Van Nuys, Calif., introduces Motivo™, a quartz surface with an embossed feel and contrasting matte/gloss finishes created in a patented process. The material includes performance characteristics of the company’s other quartz surfaces, and is available in white Lace 2116 or black Crocodile 3117 varieties. Custom colors and textures are also available upon consultation.
Contact: CaesarStone US, 877-978-2789

Santa Margherita S.p.A., Volargne de Dolce, Italy, introduces SECOND.LIFE®, an engineered stone containing up to 95 percent recycled materials. The line, with an inaugural eight colors, is available in 120” X 55” slabs with thicknesses of 1.2cm, 2cm and 3cm, as well as 1.2cm tiles in sizes of 11.8” X 11.8”, 15.7” X 15.7” and 23.6” X 23.6”. Santa Margherita’s U.S. representative is Verona Marble Co. of Dallas.
Contact: Verona Marble Co., 800-397-6654


Marmo Meccanica SpA, Monsano, Italy, offers the LCV series for polishing flat edges on 1cm-6cm slabs. The 611 line features six smoothing/polishing mandrels; the 711 line includes seven. Each line is available in a variety of models that include optional calibrating and shaping mandrels in different combinations; since 1982 more than 3,500 machines in the series have been installed. The company sells through its own North American representatives, with service and parts through Marmo Parts & Service LLC.
Contact: Marmo Meccanica North America, 248-853-9000

Granite City Tool Co., Waite Park, Minn., introduces Marmo Elettromeccanica's 3-Step system of polishing pads. The pads feature a unique design with a Velcro® back and rubber edges to help hold the pad to the backer.
Contact: Granite City Tool, 800-328-7094

Omni Cubed Inc., Placerville, Calif., introduces the Seam Setter VCA (replacing the company’s VC2 model) for joining and leveling seams, plus stabilizing backsplashes. The vacuum pump operates on AC Power or a single 9V battery; the seam’s working area is easily accessible while the units are in place.  The set includes two seam setters, carrying/storage case, vacuum pump, AC adapter, 9V battery adapter, four thumb-pump plungers (new back-up pumping option), and four cup covers.
Contact: Omni Cubed, 877-311-1976

GranQuartz, Tucker, Ga., introduces the M125 Router from Omega Diamond Inc. of Newcastle, Calif. At a lightweight 20 lbs, the hand-held unit accepts standard 7/8-bore router bits, and can polish Z-profile edges with the company’s Oscillating Head Polisher. Water feed for the hydrofloat base can be installed as an option; a base-only model is also available for use with Makita 9564CV and 9565CV angle grinders.
Contact: GranQuartz, 800-458-6222

Park Industries, St. Cloud, Minn., is now an authorized distributor of the Slabsmith stone fabricator software package from Northwood Designs Inc. of Antwerp, N.Y. The software offers a variety of digital tools for fabrication, including digital recording of slabs, dynamic seam matching, 3D countertop visualization, optimized layout and inventory-manangement features.
Contact: Park Industries, 320-251-5077


Makita USA Inc., La Mirada, Calif., introduces the 4” GA4030/K and 4.5” GA4530  angle grinders, with both powered by an industrial 6 AMP motor. Labyrinth construction seals protect the motor and bearings from dust and debris; machined bevel gears provide longer service life. The 3.1-lbs units also feature a 2 1/4” barrel grip for added comfort
Contact: Makita USA, 800-4MAKITA

GranQuartz, Tucker, Ga., offers the PitBull “Big Dog” Stone Shear from Omega Diamond Inc. of Newcastle, Calif. The unit can shear 2cm to 8cm stone without adjustment using up to five tons of directly applied pressure, with a bite of up to 3”. The air-powered shear uses mining-grade carbide teeth, with sets for straight shear, soft stone, scalloping and reverse scalloping.
Contact: GranQuartz, 800-458-6222

Officine Marchetti spa, Carrara, Italy, introduces the Brima line of bridge saws, featuring production areas of 118.1” X 43.3” to 137.7” X 137.7”. Models include an arm saw, an automatic saw, a four-axes CNC, and a milling/coring CNC with an integrated spindle head. The CNC models can also contour-cut up to three axes; one CNC model is also offered with a unified monobloc construction. The U.S. representative is DeGorter Inc. of Monroe, N.C.
Contact: DeGorter Inc., 800-334-9399

GranQuartz, Tucker, Ga., offers the Eagle Edger Jr. attachment for the Blue Ripper Jr. Rail Saw from Omega Diamond Inc. of Newcastle, Calif. Using a Makita 9564CV or 9565 CV angle grinder, the unit can perform linear-edge polishing and 45° angle cutting (90° with included extension) while mounted on the rail-saw assembly. The standard 7/8-mount accommodates most router bits.
Contact: GranQuartz, 800-458-6222



Braxton-Bragg, Knoxville, Tenn., adds the Buddy Rhodes Artisan Concrete line for concrete countertop fabrication. The materials include a special concrete mix as well as coloring agents, reinforcing materials and training information, including instructional DVDs.
Contact: Braxton-Bragg, 800-575-4401


Synergy Surfaces, Colorado Springs, Colo., offers the MarbleLoc process, providing a topical, permeating thin etch protection for interior installations of natural stone for countertops and flooring. The rapid-cure quartz matrix of the solution retains the tactile feel of the stone; it’s scratch-resistant and resists acetone, MEK and alcohol solvents.
Contact: Synergy Surfaces, 888-574-6901

MAPEI Americas, Deerfield Beach, Fla., introduces Mapeguard 2, a lightweight crack-isolation membrane with a split-back release liner for quick installation. The low-VOC-content 40-mil membrane has the sound-reduction qualities of a 90-mil sheet; the post-industrial recycled material used in the production of Mapeguard 2 helps builders contribute to points required for LEED® certification.
Contact: MAPEI Americas, 800-426-2734

National Applied Construction Products Inc., Akron, Ohio, is the new exclusive North American provider of MARMOX-NACbacker Boards. The line includes high-performance, reinforced tile backer boards, shower pans, shower kits and accessories – all made of waterproof extruded polystyrene, faced with a fiberglass mesh that’s embedded into a waterproof cement polymer mortar. The boards can be used as a structural element in the floor or wall, and can be used in all types of interior and exterior applications.
Contact: NAC Products, 800-633-4622


Braxton-Bragg, Knoxville, Tenn., now distributes the product line for Padco Floor Coaters of Minneapolis. The company’s floor-finish applicators normally cover 10,000 ft² per hour, applying a wide range of waterborne and solvent-based finishes. Accessories include the BigMouth™ Pour Bucket, featuring a user-friendly pouring spout for easily dispensing finishes directly onto the floor.
Contact: Braxton-Bragg, 800-575-4401

Daimer Industries Inc., Woburn, Mass., introduces Eco-Green® Concrete & Stone Sealer, an all-natural concrete sealer that forms a protective coating for highly trafficked stone surfaces. Derived from plants and vegetables without any ozone-depleting substances, synthetics or harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Eco-Green® formulations are readily biodegradable. The stone and concrete sealer features Daimer's Micro-Blasting® technology, which uses nano-based particles to bond with surfaces, protecting against: efflorescence buildup, oil, grease, carbons, algae, mold, mildew, rust, salt, corrosion, traffic wear and tracking.
Contact: Daimer Industries, 888-507-2220

Braxton-Bragg, Knoxville, Tenn., now offers sealers and maintenance-care products from Irvine, Calif.-based Glaze ‘N Seal for the natural-stone, concrete, masonry, and tile markets. Glaze 'N Seal offers a complete line of sealers, including film-forming (coating) and penetrating (non-coating), including Stone Sealant Impregnator and the odorless, solvent-based Stain Defense Sealer.
Contact: Braxton-Bragg, 800-575-4401



Kallista, Sheboygan, Wis., introduces the Jeton Collection of bathroom fixtures designed by renowed architech/interior designer Bill Sofield. The assortment includes a complete bath suite, including showering control systems, showerheads, towel bars/rings and basin/bath sets. The company also offers a choice of two marble tops with basin sets pre-installed.
Contact: Kallista, 888-452-5547



Northwood Machine Manufacturing Co., Louisville, Ky., now supports all CNC machines using GE Fanuc controls. Factory-trained technicians and engineers are able to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair many different types of machines, with services including preventative maintenance, machine rewiring or overhaul, GE Fanuc repair and parts, spindle replacement/ retrofit and ballscrews/LM guides parts and service.
Contact: Northwood Machine, 502-267-5504