November 2009


Marmi Bruno Zanet
, Volargne de Dolce, Italy, introduces Ouro Brasil, a granite from Espirito Santo with a uniform light background with intense interplays of gold and brown. The company also introduces Crema Brasil granite, also originating from Espirito Santo, with a large grain and a cream white color.
Contact: Marmi Bruno Zanet, +39-45-6861706

Ann Sacks
, Portland, Ore., introduces Neo Terrazzo, a collection of 12” X 12” and 12” X 14” hexigonal tiles containing a variety of natural stone, along with recycled glass with no chemical additives. The air-cured materials are low-maintenance and suitable for interior or exterior installations.
Contact: Ann Sacks, 800-278-TILE

Pokarna Ltd.
, Secunderabad, India, introduces Quantra, a line of quartz surface manufactured in India with the process developed by Breton S.p.A. of Castello Di Godego, Italy. The material, available in a variety of colors, also features scratch resistance and, for some selections, a flamed as well as a glossy finish. The material is also specially finished to provide protection from ultraviolet (UV) light, such as sunlight.
Contact: Pokarna Ltd., +91-40-6631-0111 /22

Columbia Stone Inc.
, Tualatin, Ore., offers full dimensional-stone contracting service throughout the western United States. The company provides stone for exterior cladding and panels, as well as interior flooring and features for commercial and residential installations. It also assists builders with in-house drafting and engineering services.
Contact: Columbia Stone Inc., 503-612-9100


Denver S.A.
, Gualdicciolo, San Marino, introduces the Solution for top polishing, smoothing, leathering, bush-hammering and creating sandblast effects on stone slabs. The machine can process slabs up to 140” X 76”, using Frankfurt-style abrasives. The joy-stick pendant allows the user to define the work area and process out-of square pieces. The machine is offered exclusively through Granite City Tool Co. of Waite Park, Minn.
Contact: Granite City Tool, 800-328-7094

Kaeser Compressors
, Fredericksburg, Va., introduces the HSD series, featuring two independently operating compressors in a single enclosure. The series is available from 500-650 HP, and delivers flows from 1632-3002 cfm and pressures from 100-217 psig. Each HSD incorporates two individual compressor units including a motor, Sigma Profile airend, separator aftercooler, draintrap and filtration.
Contact: Kaeser Compressors, 800-777-7873

Granite City Tool Co.
, Waite Park, Minn., is now the U.S. distributor for Marmo Elettromecannica CNC tools. The company’s Super High Speed CNC line includes the exclusive Position 00: FRANGISTONE and Position 3  BI-POWER; the FRANGISTONE uses a series of blades to pre-shape stone before Position 0; the BI-POWER is a special formulation metal-bond bit made to hold its shape and take out scratches before the polish.
Contact: Granite City Tool, 800-328-7094

Marmo Meccanica SpA
, Monsano, Italy, presents the biggest machine of its range, the LTH horizontal edge-polisher for round and flat edges on 1–10cm thick slabs, with seven oscillating mandrels for 150mm abrasives (with the first two as auto-shaping, cup-shaped diamond wheels for all radiuses and profiles). Large-volume output on flat, round and  partially flat/round edges makes of it one of the fastest machines in the market. The company sells through its own North American representatives, with service and parts through Marmo Parts & Service LLC.
Contact: Marmo Meccanica North America, 248-853-9000

KMT Waterjet Systems Inc.
, Baxter Springs, Kan., introduces the KMT Streamline  PRO® 125hp pump, producing an ultra high pressure (UHP) 90,000psi/6.200bar maximum power. Combined with a .016 orifice, the unit can cut parts in approximately half the time of conventional 60,000psi/50hp waterjet systems. It can produce 1.43 gpm, with cutting capabilities up to 90,000psi, with dual cutting heads using two .011 orifices. The unit (along with the KMT Streamline PRO® 60hp, now available at 90,000psi) can accommodates a wide range of applications with 5-axis three-dimensional cutting capabilities using the KMT Swivel PRO attachment.
Contact: KMT Waterjet Systems, 800-826-9274

Granite City Tool Co
., Waite Park, Minn., now offers the EBBCO Cyclone Filtration System, a closed-loop design to supply uninterrupted grey water to the entire shop, reducing consumption and consolidating solids collection. The unit employs centrifugal action to remove troublesome solids; after going through a Lakos separator, water is polished further by the cyclones to an independently tested quality of particles 90-percent- to 98-percent-less than 10 microns. Fine solids are purged into a sludge hopper bag for easy disposal; a Hurricane Filter system can be added to provide crystal-clear water for edge-polishing machines and CNC work.
Contact: Granite City Tool, 800-328-7094

, San Tan Valley, Ariz., introduces two specialty seaming systems designed for use on all slab countertop products. The VGi-1 (Variable Geometry – inside corner) system gives fabricators the ability to adjust inside mitered corner seams as each individual kitchen’s geometry – or inside angles of the cabinets – varies, and eliminates the traditionally more difficult method of performing a sharp angled turn in the mitered seam. The S-1 performs serpentine seams in stones that have extreme color variation at the seam lines, breaking up the visual impact of a straight seam line where color movement stands out more.
Contact: ACCU-SEAM, 480-309-9422

., Kent, Wash., releases the patent-pending Brushless Vector Drive, with permanent magnet synchronous motors developed to eliminate problems associated with servo motors. The new drive is self-learning, and precision linear scales provide close-loop servo control and have a 1-micron resolution to ensure precise motion.
Contact: OMAX Corp., 800-838-0343

Kaeser Compressors
, Fredericksburg, Va., introduces Kaeser Cooling Air (KCA) units, providing cold, dry compressed air. With a capacity of 10 to 330 cfm, the units produce an outlet air temperature of 40°F in normal operation; these non-cycling refrigerated dryers have an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger, a 3 micron KFS separator and a drain. Smaller models include a float-type drain and larger models include capacitance-sensor-operated Kaeser Eco-Drains.
Contact: Kaeser Compressors, 800-777-7873


Wood’s Powr-Grip®
, Laurel, Mont, introduces its MT (manual-tilt) Below-the-Hook Stone Lifters, with 90° tilt capability and an above-the-center pivot point that enables slabs to automatically hang in the upright position when lifted. These devices, using a remote power source, have a narrow profile that allows them to fit between tight, vertical storage racks; the design protects the power source from damage; available power systems include AC, DC or compressed air. The lifters are also available with a Flat Lift Adapter, enabling them to load and unload cutting tables, CNC machines or other horizontal processing equipment.
Contact: Wood’s Powr-Grip, 800-548-7341

Wood’s Powr-Grip®
, Laurel, Mont., introduces the Low Vacuum Audio Alarm Plunger (LVAA), a metal-clad plunger for hand-held vacuum cups that emits a 70 dBa audible warning alert when the red-line indicator on the plunger begins to show due to vacuum loss. Powered by an AAA battery, the alarm is incorporated into the plunger assembly, making it compatible with many different models of Wood’s Powr-Grip hand-held vacuum cups. The intelligent system automatically turns the alarm on and off as necessary, so no user intervention is required. The assembly is available as a stand-alone component or pre-installed in most N-Series hand-held vacuum cups.
Contact: Wood’s Powr-Grip, 800-548-7341


Marmi Bruno Zanet
, Volargne de Dolce, Italy, introduces Stonexperience, a 3D presentation software developed with Brazilian designer Ludson M. Zampirolli The Web-based product shows stone installations via virtual 3D models created with panoramic viewing angles; everything can be customized with a wide range of materials in a multitude of colors. The product simulates interiors with 30 types of Zanet’s natural stone in 16 3D scenes, changing the layout of the floor and the colors of the walls and the furnishings.
Contact: Marmi Bruno Zanet, +39-45-6861706


Domain Industries
, Austin, Texas, introduces its new Fall 2009 dealer catalog featuring the latest lineup of stainless, copper, glass, and vitreous porcelain sinks, as well as faucets and a full range of stone-fabrication tools and accessories. The full-color, 68-page publication showcases high-end kitchen and bath products, a complete collection of sinks, an impressive offering of power tools specific to the surfacing industry, and a sneak peak at the new 2010 Affinity Surfaces color line up, planned to debut early this month.
Contact: Domain Industries, 866-385-7775