AIM Opens Training Center

HICKORY, N.C.Advanced Industrial Machinery Inc. (AIM), a designer and manufacturer of CNC and custom machinery for the stone industry, recently opened its new training center here.
The center provides advanced training with AIM’s proprietary software, StonePower. AIM technicians teach customers how to maximize productivity from their new and existing equipment.
Training consists of two- to five-day sessions, which include hands-on training in software usage, importing photographic designs and operation of AIM’s Master JetSaw. Designs developed during training can be easily transferred to machines in the customers’ shops via AIM’s new interactive controller software network, enabling quicker fabrication.
“Most of the issues our customers raise involve software," explained AIM President/CEO Bob Pharr. "The Stone Power Training Center gives us a chance to help customers work through any issues or concerns before they have to face them on the shop floor.”